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Willie said, "That's just like you, assuming you know what's as bad for me as it was for xxx xnxx you. How do you know how bad something is for me?" I began to realize he wasn't talking mom xnxx angrily to me now, but rather compassionately. And he was hugging me around the neck, not holding me in a headlock grip anymore. indian xnxx Pee and cum soaked the front of my shorts and had run down both my legs. Willie opened the car's trunk, took out video porno a towel from our motel room and put it on the passenger seat for me to sit on. This entire punishment had been planned by Willie ahead of xnxx sex videos time. He'd gotten the towel when he checked in earlier in the afternoon, before he even knew about my pierced ear. What do I make of that? During porno the short drive back to our motel Willie justified his "discipline" as appropriate because he felt I disrespected and embarrassed him and he certainly achieved those two goals with his discipline of me xnnn thus far. It was sinking in to me that, as far as Willie was concerned, he and I were going to be "even" after the discipline. From my viewpoint, was I willing to let it go at this and call it even-stephen. Hmmm? Yeah, why not. Plus, I'll bet that Willie is feeling he may have gone too far, so he'll likely desi xnxx give in easily to my next "compromise" item. I think I already know what that will be too. For right now though, I stayed quiet xnxx video to let Willie ponder how xnxx indo pissed off I was... and the other great realization I had was... hey, xxx we weren't breaking up, and god damn, it was really a relief to know that. I was just beginning xnnn to see how much our relationship meant to me, I certainly won't be taking it for granted anymore. At the motel Willie said, "Just walk past those people Dylan, and leave the towel here." I had planned to wrap the towel around my waist to xxnxx cover all the pee and cum on the front of indo xnxx my shorts, but Willie wouldn't allow xnxx mom it. I guess he isn't all xnxx telugu that worried about me being pissed off at him after all. "Wait there a second, Dylan." I stopped and xnxx asia did what he said because I assumed this was part of the punishment. Willie put his arm around my waist, like he knows embarrasses sex videos me, and we walked right by thirty people sitting at the outdoor lounge drinking cocktails. I looked at the ground and heard a number of catcalls as I tried to block all the words from registering in my brain. I kept doing a mantra in my head... I don't know them... I don't know them... I don't know them. And, then we were in our room. Willie said, "Get undressed". I was in a mood now to do whatever he told me to. I guess he broke me down a little. He didn't want to punish me anymore though, now he was giving me tender loving care. He ran a bath and bathed me and then he got undressed and we took another shower together. We dried each other in silence and got in bed naked. "Are you going to be OK, Dylan? Are free porn we going to be OK?" I nodded my head and hugged him around his neck. Willie said, "Did you learn your lesson?" I said, "Yes" and after a while we began one of our world famous make-outs. It was weird because I felt closer, more attracted site xnxx to Willie than ever before. Actually, it was a unique xvideos feeling that I've never video xnxx felt before. He was definitely in the driver's seat with us because as it turns out I need him more than he needs me. He loves me more than I love him, but I still need him more. It's nuts I guess, but it was obvious to me. It was obvious to Willie too... maybe it was obvious to Willie long before this. Another weird thing was my lack of nut juice during our xnxx tamil make out... no spontaneous climaxing from our make-out this time, that's for www xnxx sure. www xnxx Willie had caused all my cum juice xvideo to drool out of my penis from the prostate massage. Our make out was hot though, just the same. I was crawling all over Willie kissing and sucking his mouth, tongue and neck. We both had the hardest boners stabbing at each other, it was awesome. All of a sudden it seemed I sex xnxx couldn't get enough of his taste and smell and feel. I could hardly breath when he pushed back my head roughly and held me in place to work on that hickey he insist I have. It was not pleasant, but until he was finally satisfied I made myself lay docile for him. Finally he said, "OK Dylan, that's a beauty. Here, spread your legs." I did and he got on his xxxx knees between them, raised them up with a hand under each thigh and said, "Hold these to your chest" and right away I felt porn xnxx the head of his boner at my hole. xnxx/ Willie spread xxnx my buttock apart, let some air xnxx arab out between his teeth and hump the head of his cock inside bokep xnxx me, past my ring. There was precum on the head of his sex penis to help it go in, but I wish he'd use some lube. He steadily pushed his seven inches up inside me and then let out a been lung-full of air, "Oh my god, baby. That feels awful good" and he pushed down on the www xnxx backs of my thighs, that I already had against my belly, and he fucked me at a medium speed with long thrust and it never felt this good before. I was murmuring, "Oh Willie, zoo xnxx oh my god xxnx that's good. xnxx Faster Willie... fuck me Willie!" 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Leaning on my belly and chest he used just his hips to xnxx hd do very fast thrusts until a girl squealed xnxx selingkuh out "Wiiiiiillie!" and a small amount of cum spurted out of my boner. That spurt felt better than the big load of cum that shot out into my pants earlier. Willie came at the same time the girl called his name and that filled my xnxx gay tank up to over flowing. He was grunting and slamming his crotch into my ass. It was truly awesome. I was exhausted, sweaty again, and all cummy sunny leone xnxx again too. My own spurt of cum and Willie's big load combined to smear around on various parts of my body. He pulled video xnxx out xnxx sex videos saying his pecker was very sensitive again. We lay together side by side with Willie wrapping me up in his arms like always. I got the worse case of shivers xxn and shakes for some reason and Willie's going, "Shhhh, it's alright, Dylan". I think everything that happened tonight was catching up with me and caused that shivering reaction. xnxx arab We lay there for fifteen minutes. Calmed down now, Willie was mischievous sounding, he says, "Want to go again?" I knew he was kidding, I just hugged him a little tighter and mumbled, "That was the best you've ever fucked me, Willie. Why is that, do ya think?" Willie said, "I'm not sure, but it happened to me too. It was when nxxn I finally realized and accepted that Larry was the boy in charge between the two of us. I began enjoying the best fucks from him after that and maybe that's the difference with you too." I thought... whoa, he is very sure of himself. He'd said xnxx tv all that in a very casual manner as if it's as plain as the nose on your face. I said nothing so he added, "It'll be fine, Dylan. You'll see. What xnxx tv would you like to do now?" What I'd like to do is have a fucking cigarette, but Willie has said "no cigarettes". Except, I promised sunny leone xnxx myself earlier today, when it's my turn, I'd try through the art of compromise to make a stand with xnxx indo the cigarettes, so I say, "I want to have a smoke and I know xnxx barat the smell bothers you so you'll need to puff on one vina garut xnxx too." I tried to say that in the same matter-of-fact manner Willie had said that thing about him being in charge. He goes, "What? I don't smoke!" sex video and I used the example of smelling the booze on the breath of a drinker... that is, unless you take one swallow of that drink yourself, then you no longer notice the booze smell on others. Willie says, "I know that's true, but I don't want to start smoking. Are you nuts... cancer and all." I told him I didn't smoke enough to affect anything and that I plan to stop pretty soon anyway, but "I'm talking about right now, Willie, and I'm www.xnxx asking you xnxx selingkuh to please do xxx video this for me." Then to use a little xnxx hot leverage with the "in charge" thingie I say, "I know I need your permission and that's why I'm asking. Please!" This "in charge" thing might work to my advantage because Willie isn't like that turd, Larry. Willie is basically a sweet kid who wants to be xnnx liked. And, it doesn't hurt that he loves me. I knew what would happen, www xnxx com he sunny leone xnxx goes "Oh OK, Dylan, but I don't want you to make a habit out of this, xnxn and we're not smoking inside." I didn't want to smoke inside in the first xxx videos place, and we'll just see about making a habit out of it. hee hee... This xnxx porno was back to being fun xnxx video again. To xxx video xxx video keep up my bad-boy act I said, "How about we grab some booze out of the mini-bar over there and have ourselves a big-boy cocktail while we smoke". Willie is getting into the spirit now, he goes "Not vidio xnxx a bad idea. You'll need to get us a soft drink indian xnxx from the xnxx japan vending machine though, to cut the booze taste a little." I was smiling inside as I say, "Yes, Willie." Fuck, make a game of it. Willie gets to think he's in charge and meantime I get everything my way, including the pierced ear. We got the stuff and then out we go to our small deck, over-looking the ocean. We both had our xnxx/ feet up on the railing and rum and cokes in a plastic cup in one hand, our other hand was holding a cigarette. "Just take little indo xnxx puffs Willie. It's not unheard of for beginners to get a bit sex nauseous." He goes, "Wish this was a xnxx porn "J", we do that xxx videos at Prep once in a while , and oh my god xnxx hot does that get ya giggling." He's taking little girl puffs and I'm suppressing a giggle of my own. The rum xnxx stories and coke is just xnxx hot barely drinkable... too much rum, I guess. As bad as they were, we managed to have three rum and cokes and three cigarettes each. xnxx com Willie, during the third drink, slurred, "Ya know, baby, it feels cool to smoke. Maybe I'll take it up as a prop, ya know?" I go, "That's the spirit, sweetheart" and we're both giggling like a couple of drunk teenagers... maybe we were a couple of drunk teenagers By the end of the third drink we were having a great time philosophizing xnxx teen about things we didn't know anything about, and repeating ourselves with these same misconceptions... with conviction. Neither Willie nor I do much drinking in our everyday life so it hit us harder than it would someone who's use to it. It was fun though. We finally called it a night. We both did xnxx korea a pee, brushed our teeth, and were wrapped up together under the covers pretty quickly once we decided to get some sleep. No sex, which I've heard is occasionally a problem xnxx india with too much drinking, but we'd had a lot video porno of sex today anyway. Willie slurred, "You're not too upset with me are you Dylan? I needed to put my foot down with you, please say you understand." I kissed xnxx hindi him and said, "I'm wicked happy, Willie. You're the boss, but the key word is compromise." Willie chuckled and mumbled, "Fuck, at sex videos this porn videos point I'd be happy for compromise, but so far after gay xnxx putting my foot down with you, we've xvideo gay xnxx done everything exactly the way you want it to go." I mumbled back, "See, compromise works!" He goes, "Fuck you too" and a nice wet xnxx sex kiss xnxx jav on my mouth. My dick twitched, but I'll need to wait till morning to site xnxx take care porn xnxx of it. Willie's xnx breathing quickly was deep and steady... hope he dreams something really nice about me. What a goofy, up-and-down day. Well, xnxx japan if I don't actually love Willie, and xnxx jepang I'm not saying I don't... but, if it isn't real love, xxnn it's close, indo xnxx real close. I've heard getting through tough times together helps build a strong relationship. xnxx asia **DYLAN'S DILEMMA - PART 9c (WILDWOOD CONCLUSION)** Chapter 8 Willie groaned as we rolled out of bed around eight in the morning. I'm whining, "Why do we need to get up so early? I got a hangover." Willie mumbles, "We've got to get our haircuts and be back here xnxx porn in time for our water skiing lesson. I've got a hot speedboat rented for all afternoon and xnxxcom an instructor comes with the package for the first hour. It'll be so cool." I said, "Dude!" because that does sound cool. We brushed our teeth with vigor and then jumped into the over-sized shower stall to shampoo and wash each porn other, also quickly. While drying my hair Willie says, "The head of my dick is still too sore, even this morning. I won't be able to use it to fuck you, Dylan, xnxx tamil and it's the only one I got. Guess I worked this organ too hard on you yesterday, but with you being so yummy I can't seem to be able to stop myself. Sorry, baby, maybe this afternoon." I go, "Don't fret about www.xnxx your dick, I wanted to ask if I could fuck you anyhow, for once. OK?" I looked at him and Willie was biting xnxx jepang his lower lip looking interested. He goes, "Go ahead and ask me. It's been awhile since I've been fucked... way back to my Mother's birthday party." I got this real serious look on my face and without making fun of porno xnxx the situation, I said, "All kidding aside. Do ya think it would be OK if I fucked you this morning? Please, Willie, I'd really like to." You see, if I want to get my way in all things that mattered I figure I porno xnxx need to xnxx arab be respectful of Willie and not mock the situation, maintain the illusion that he's the "man". tamil xnxx This is free porn my latest strategy, anyway. My xnxx goal xnnx is for both of us to be happy and feel good about ourselves. Willie says, "Sure, I like getting fucked too, but first the rimming, remember?" I thought, OK, we both got our way xnxx tv and rimming Willie is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Willie says, "You're doing real good this morning, baby. We're already naked so let's hop up on the bed again." On top of the sheets, Willie gets comfortable... xnxx hindi he was on his sex video knees with his head resting on his forearms, his forearms flat on the mattress. This leaves his oh-so-hot ass sticking up in the air. I got on my xnxx vina garut xnxx videos knees behind him and sitting back on my ankles I massage his buttocks with both hands and right away I started getting hard. xnxx sex video Willie has a great ass. I leaned forward and kissed xnxx indonesia his ass xnxx. all over and then licked his round, firm, totally porn videos hairless buttocks. Spreading apart his cheeks xnxx 2019 I gave a xnxx jav big wet xnxx mom kiss right on his asshole, xnxx mom followed by a long lick and then, beginning down at the back of his balls, I lapped www xnxx com xnxxcom all the way up his entire crack and then licked all around both sides of his ass xnxxx crack. Jesus! my dick was like a steel rod by now and when I reached under his nut sac to feel Willie's cock it's just as hard as mine so I stroke it awkwardly a few times and Willie says, "I love the way you rim my ass, Dylan. I love it!!" This time I sucked on the back of his nuts first, and then started my long lap up his crack, over his hole and then back down, stopping at his hole this time to concentrate on licking right on it, over and over. xnxx com/ Willie moaned japan xnxx and tightened up his body, he did a xnxx movies full body shudder just as I was noticing those little goose bumps breaking out all over his arms. My tongue had worked it's way into a small opening at his hole and then I pushed in a little more and then some more. This time I did taste a slight bitter shit-taste for a few seconds, but it xnxx jav faded. Guess what, that hint of Willie's shit got my dick dripping precum. It was so xnxx indian sexy to me to perform this submissive sex act, I loved doing it... it added to my overall sexual thrill... this is an xnxx. com example of a little submissiveness being a turn-on for me. As I said, the hint of shit faded almost as fast as it appeared so I really got into fucking his xxx hole with my tongue. His sphincter got looser so, without warning, I went up on my knees and pushed the head of my dripping, throbbing boner past Willie's sphincter ring and up inside him, I went in about two inches. He let out a xnxx movies squeak, but pushed back on xnx my cock so I pushed forward and together we got my cock totally up his ass in no time flat. Willie goes, "Oh fuck! That feels so good... oh my god, I forgot how hot this is. Fuck my ass, Dylan." I thought it felt awful good myself, and Willie's right, I'd also forgotten how good it felt from this end. There were xnxx teen black dots dancing in my vision and they weren't from xnxx japanese my porn hangover either. This was fantastic. It's really fun fucking Willie, I'd done it only twice before. I've never fucked anyone else of course, so yeah, this is hot! No other experience, but how experienced do you nxxn need to be. I drove my boner in and out of Willie's hole while holding onto his hips with both hands. Nothing clever or fancy about this fuck, just pleasure for me and apparently for Willie too. My nuts were working overtime and began xnxx app to hurt a little as they slowly moved up to xxnn the top of my scrotum and pressed against my groin. More precum, and then I knew this was it, I grunted out, "I'm xnxx teen cuming, Willie" and a long string of cum blasted out of my cock into Willie's bowels. Immediately Willie's sphincter ring tightened xnxx bokep around my boner as he fired a load of his cum on the sheets and then we fired our second shots together. Willie had two more tight contractions accompanied xnxx com/ with lots of the familiar steam-sounds from the air being squeezed out between his front teeth. I had cum droolings with xnxx tamil each thrust for a minute or so after climax... boy, did wwwxnxx that feel good. Finally xxxx falling onto Willie's back and hugging around his slim body I kissed the back of his neck, the half inch long hairs there tickling my nose... he was smelling so nice xnxx porno with his Willie scent. Sex with Willie is awesome. He let his knees slide backwards till we were flat on the sheet, me on his back with my dick up his ass. After a couple minutes xnxx selingkuh of heavy breathing Willie says, "Well, that rocked xvideos awfully good, Dylan. WOW! Nice xnxx anime fuck, sweetheart!" Then thirty seconds later he checked his watch and said, xnxx porn "I hate to be a killjoy, but we gotta get moving now." I wheezed out, "You're the best, Willie. I loved that so much. Hey! can't we xnxx korea lay here xnxx indian a little while longer? You know, till I get another boner and I can xnnx do you up nice and slow." Willie started rolling over as he said, "No more playing around, do what I said, Dylan. We need to get moving." As we got cleaned up again we discussed the sex. What we liked best... being "top" or being "bottom". We both liked xnxx .com both... no surprise, but if zoo xnxx I had to chose just one, I'd be a bottom and Willie would chose just the opposite. xnx So, we're a good xnxx cina pair in that regard. We ate a quick breakfast at a diner, Willie checked his driving directions and off we go, heading for the barbershop that serviced, among others, the army personnel from xnxx anime the army base next to it. I asked Willie what an authentic flattop was and he said it looked to him like they were shorter then Willie's original old barber's flattop. I whined, "I don't want a shorter one, Willie. xnxx com porno xnxx Why do we need to have authentic flattops anyway?" Willie took this opportunity to xnxx app once xxn again display his "in charge" xnxx india status and said, "Because I want us to. That's all... just to see what it is. I've decided we're going to do it so please don't nag about it." Well, I've been winning some of the "battles" between us lately, and I know I need to go along with Willie on some things too, because that's what makes xnxx bokep a good compromise. What the hell, to make him feel good, I said, "Yes, Willie". He looked over and nodded in a serious way. Like I say, with Willie, xnxx. he's not https // playing around with this boss stuff. I'm playing around as much as I can with it, while, at the same time wwwxnxx hoping it'll work out, and I think it will. It might work out porno real vidio xnxx well. The haircuts didn't work out real well though and I'd been pretty xnxx videos sure they wouldn't from the second we walked into this three-barber barbershop. Lots of clippers xvideo buzzing and the guys waiting for haircuts looked kinda like they'd just gotten a haircut two days ago. Willie and I looked at each other and I nodded by head at the door meaning, "Let's get the fuck out of here" but Willie pushed out his lips, made a face, and xnxx hd pointed at two empty seats against the wall. I shrugged and sat down saying, "You're the boss, but were gonna get scalped". We waited twenty minutes until one of the middle-aged barbers looked at us two and said, "You're next, son. Let's go." Willie pushed on my back and I got up and went to face my fate. It wasn't pretty. As he fitted the cape around me, the videos xnxx no nonsense barber vidio xnxx asks, "Regular flattop?" and I see Willie staring at me xnxxcom so I say, "Yeah". The barber clicks on the clippers and my beautiful light blond hair was falling in my lap xnxx telugu from all around the sides xnxx indian of my head. It was a gay xnxx ridiculous amount considering I already had a short hairstyle. Glancing in the big mirror across from me, it looked like just skin on the sides of my head, no hair. 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Getting in the car, Willie rubbed his head and mumbled, "This really sucks and it don't look cool at all." I'm like, "Duh! Ya sure about that?" In the convertible, the wind blowing xnxx. on our mostly hairless heads was sex xnxx a weird feeling. Both of us said we wwwxnxx were going to make a big effort though to put this unfortunate incident behind xvideos us, scratch it up to a xnxxx bad fucking idea, and move on. We just made our scheduled time for the water skiing lesson. The instructor was a well built guy, not particularly good looking, with a few tattoos and a killer smile. He's probably twenty-five years old, around there. "You in the service, boys?" was his first question, undoubtedly because of our haircuts, and Willie says, "Sort of. Where do I rent the skis and all?" We got all the stuff we needed, plus video porno roast-beef sub sandwiches and a couple bottle of Snapple each. Off we went to learn to ski. It bokep xnxx was xnxx com/ a blast and after a while, except for noticing Willie's super short flattop, I hardly thought about mine at all. Andrew, tamil xnxx the ski instructor, must have detected somehow that Willie and I were more than buddies because he asked japan xnxx at one point, "Ah, are you guys... ah, that is, are you boyfriends